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   While the changes to the visible part of our website may be minor, we have just spent much of 3 days pretty much all day on rebuilding the site using the latest version of its CMS software, Joomla.  We have endevoured to keep as much of the site in the same layout as before to make it familiar, but under the hood its quite a bit different. For those interested in what we did and why, click the READ MORE below.

    In the good old days when DJ Nick started web pages, over 25 years ago, a page was a "static" or unchanging document, you pulled up and hoped it looked ok on the various computers.  Later websites could be written to allow a bit of "automatic reformating" to help them fit different screens.  However most pages were still separate documents and the bigger the count of pages were, the more work would be needed to change the look of the site, and if you were to try to see most sites on a smart phone or tablet you might see something too big or too small and it might need you to scroll to see it all.  


  Then we started to see a more complex but dynamic type of website which uses programs installed on the webserver that can sense and adapt to all types of devices, and use templates to produce the actual webpages on demand as you click on them.  Templates that were responsive can even allow different menus and choices for different devices, so a smartphone may have a different type of menu than your laptop or desktop PC. Jump ahead 10 or more years and you will see these systems using 10 to 20 thousand small files that make programs that make a website do much more and look good. Modern sites like God's Station can watch for hackers and block unwanted activity. The look and colors of the site can be changed in one place and immediately change hundreds of pages. Also with the newer sites we can automatically do such chores such as asking a new user for their name and password to open a user account. Programs that connect to a music server and give you the music and song information are a good example. 

   God's Station started out 5 years ago with what was the latest version of JOOMLA, a well known and free CMS for websites, and we updated up to a point but some of the add on programs we needed would not go into the next major update almost 3 years ago, so we did not jump from the Joomla 2.5 to the 3.0 version. Actually that is not exactly the case, as we did try but it turned out to be way too much to revise and we did not want to erase everything and start over.

  New changes in security on the Internet have come, and as we are able to spend more time on it being retired, we started looking into what would be move to the newer version of Joomla. Several tests and it became apparent it would require some long hours and the site being down during that, which we did not wish to do. So we copied the full site to a new temporary location, and started working on that copy which was not visible to the regular visitors. Lots of hours later we have most of the site converted and have kept it looking mostly like it did before so it wont be a drastic change. We have kept every article, picture, and all the users information.  We are almost at our 5th year anniversary online so it seemed a fitting time to switch the new version into full service. 

  We hope you will check it out fully and if you see something that is not working, please let us know.. as we might not be aware of it just yet.

   DJ Nick  & DJ Nicki


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