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Hello all - you the faithful listeners and those who are just visiting online.  I wanted to take a minute to update you on current God's Station news.  

   First of all THANK YOU to the two sweet folk who donated recently - their help is a good start to pay a part of the year on the station and definately answered prayers. May God continue to Bless them and all of you. We hope and pray our community of fellowship here is a blessing to all. We could easily use a few more donations from any who have not and feel led to help even a little.  Check Could You Help? for more information.

   Secondly, I want to confirm that DJ Nicki and I both are now fully ordained "Ministers" thanks to our last 2 plus years of free online classes at CLI and help from our loving wonderful local church here in the heart of rural north central Texas. We continue with our studies and are now working on a 4 credit hour class in Church History.

   Those who have followed my progress with my illness will be happy to hear that as of a day ago I am no longer taking antibiotics. From those first two massive 1 gram shots on November 14 last year till now, I have pretty solidly been on antibiotics for the liver infection. A month of 4 IV bags a day, then 21 days of one bag a day, then four months of 4 pills a day and more recently just two a day for the last 2 months. The doctor stopped one of the 2 types as it was causing a bad reaction with my arthritis, but kept the one that was over $100 a month. Two more blood work sessions in the next 4 weeks and if they stay good he will officially release me from his care. We know your prayers have helped in healing and our peace during this stressful situation and we are so grateful - both Nicki and Me. 

    Please keep Nicki in your prayers also - as she is going through testing and some changes in her meds currently. We fear she had a small stroke during the time when I was rushed to the out of town hospital and the resultant stress for her to be with me all but 2 nights of the 30 days. Thanks for your love and support good folk - we are humbled by your comments and help.

DJ Nick

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