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     Unlike some other stations who remind you three or four times a day how they are about to go off the web if they don't get your donations, and how they need many hundreds of dollars a month or more to keep their equipment going, we try very hard to keep expenses down and we seldom ask for your help. Even our DONATE button is not quite so prominently displayed.


     However, the reality is that we do have expenses each month, and even though all of our staff donates their time and efforts, we do pay for a web server and music server each month which keeps our page and music coming to you 24 hours a day.


      Careful help and selection of these systems keeps their cost to a lower amount per month so we don't have to rattle the tip jar too often and usually pay these out of our own pockets. The recent outage we had on the music server has us considering moving that to another provider and doing so would cost us additional money which we would be hard to find.


      Lately we have been experiencing some difficulty being able to cover these expenses. While we appreciate the larger donations, we never wish to put any of our listeners in a tight spot by hitting your budget too much if it is as close and tight as ours, but if you can do a small donation it would be helpful and much appreciated.


      Think of us like any other service or entertainment – you pay for cable, internet, books or magazines and possibly movies. Our station is a free service to everyone but if a few can send even $5 or $10 every month or every other month it would make it easier to meet our expenses each month and keep us bringing you the music you enjoy – all commercial free.


   If you can help, please click HERE to go to our Donations page, and click on the button at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for your help - your prayers and if possible, donations are always appreciated.



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