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 July 11th, 2014 we celebrated completing our first year and start into our second year of our music, prayer and fellowship ministry with God's Station.  We want to sincerely thank all of you who helped make this possible, and those who have supported us with their listening, comments, prayers and donations. Whether it has been donations of time, or financial help to pay some of the expenses of the station we know we would not have a second year to start without your help. 

   The true idea of being a Christian embodies giving of what you have to share, whether it be talents, food, clothing, time or money to aid someone who is in need. It is a gift of love,  sharing and giving as you can to help your fellow man.  We have found over the last year how much a kind word, a song to brighten your day, to inspire your hope, to build your peace or just an ear to listen with can mean to us and everyone who listens.  It has been a gift to us everyday to be able to help - even if on the smallest scale.  We pray that God will continue to allow us His gift of helping as He sees fit to do, and that those who read this and listen to our efforts will also continue to be blessed and share with those they are aquainted with and meet day to day.  Thank you Holy Lord.

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