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Well it is that time of the year when we (after the Canadians by a few weeks) celebrate Thanksgiving.  Those of our group from outside the USA may not celebrate this holiday but may have one of your own that is similar.  It's a time when we stop, and think and give thanks to our Lord for the good things in our lives - and we have so many of them if we just stop and think about it.  

When you put food on the table you can usually thank God for that - but do you realize we could be also thinking of and thanking the farmer or rancher who grew the food, the trucker who hauled it to the factory or marketplace, and the folks that worked preparing, cooking, cleaning, etc so that we could have that package of whatever it is for a bite to eat.  Remember to thank God for creating the plant or animal involved, for his inspiration to design the methods involved in preparing it, bringing it to us and most of all for creating us and sharing his son with us.   

Likewise - looking at this screen right now - think about being thankful for the folks that came before to help design the networking, the computers and the technology that goes to make this all possible.  When I was a boy listening to a shortwave radio I built myself with tubes and such inside, did I even begin to think of the way technology was headed? That a practical way to link millions of computers together and share data on a impossibly huge network would be in the future? That probably 90 percent or more of the traffic on this impossibly huge world wide network would be mostly low importance items such as cat videos, and such?  I remember the first time I connected to the Internet - through a portal on compuserve - with a very slow acoustic coupled modem ...

Oh well - that dates me, but the thing I really wanted to say - is HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you  - and I hope you take time to think a bit deeper about what we have to be thankful for and the creator of all this that makes such possible and remember it goes far deeper than just family and food and football games.  While most of us have problems to face each day it is more important than ever to remember all we have to be thankful for and thank God for it.  Amen!

 Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas from DJ Nick & DJ Nicki  - May God Bless you each and every one with the Joy of the true meaning of this season.

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