DJ Nicki and I started helping another station in early 2013 - and were worried that we wouldn't have the time, or would not be of any use to them other than a warm body - and we were so wrong.  We thought we would be giving of our time to others - and our situation made us concerned we would not be able to help much or for very long.  

     We found out the volunteer thing works backwards - well for us it did.  We found we were needed, and we could visit with great people who had their concerns and prayers just as we did, and by getting to know them, praying with them, we boosted ourselves up and away from much of the mental and emotional mud we had been in - seeing and praying about others and their problems helped make ours lessen quite a bit - and we felt so rewarded to share and know each one.  So its a gift in some ways - to help by volunteering something from yourself to help others.   We want everyone to enjoy and be blessed by this as we have and so are starting to focus on ways we can all help volunteer with others.  

    While it would be nice to keep the station in the midst of this to help share the results and focus people in the directions needed, its not really just about us or any other Internet radio station - there are many who do what we do.  It is surely not a contest of who has the most listeners, the most DJs or the most music - as we all should focus on how we can share and help each other and all those the Lord brings to us.

   How to Volunteer?   There are many many ways - and we want to mention some here - and if you think of more - let us know and we will add them too.

   Obviously we can usually benefit from financial donations to help keep the station going, and purchase music or equipment that is needed if we have any extra funds,  Another key volunteer activity is to donate your time - to help share the word, help others find the station and how to listen. To help suggest music or let us know when a particular song is named incorrectly is also a good way to volunteer.  If you feel you have no skills in these areas you can just volunteer as a good neighbor on the Internet - one who checks in on their friends and will know who to alert if they don't check in with you as you expect them too. It has happened before on facebook and POGO that someone got worried and called the police or emergency services when a person did not show up - and in some cases this is a real life saver.  

    Lastly but first on the list to do daily - PRAYER - which we all can do, rich or poor, healthy or infirm - pray for each other, for the station and that people who need our ministry will find it and be blessed by it.  

    These are just a few ideas on how to volunteer - and they apply mostly here but could be turned to use for your local friends in town, your local church and organizations that help those less fortunate.  I know many of us are pretty low in income and ability - but there are always folks worse off than us and we can be blessed by trying to help them if we just will.  Pray about this and let God lead you to do more and receive the Blessings.

    Please let us know what other ideas you have - or ways to help spread these ideas so we all can be blessed by volunteering more this year! God Bless you all

Dj Nick and Nicki

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