JULY 09 2013 -

   The history of "God's Station" is brief as it is being written each and every day at this point.  It could be said that a group of people with common interests and Love for our Lord got together and decided to put their version of an online non-profit station together.  These people wanted to focus not on who was best, who had the most listeners, who had the funniest songs, but on just what the basic focus of such a station could be if devoted to serving the Lord.

  God's Station is the result, a place where we will strive each day to share good music, take requests for prayer and songs, visit with those who have a minute to chat with us, and listen when someone needs an ear or two.  We know all too well we are all human and frail, and subject to our emotions, but try each time we sit behind a microphone to put that behind us, to pray for God to help us play the right song, say the right thing and listen as best we can to the needs of those we consider our Family - the Family of God. We pledge to continue that striving - and picked the name of the station with that in mind. 

    If we are to live up anywhere near the expectations of being "God's Station" we must continually try to keep God as the focus of our work here.  Please pray for us - that we help meet the needs of the people who God sends us.  If you are a listener and can help join in and visit with those who drop in with an "accidental" visit to God's Station.  We are so glad you care enough to join us in our ministry.

God Bless

Staff - God's Station


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